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GTA IV Walkthrough

Derrick is in bad shape, lying on a bench. He made a mistake but someone is threatening to kill him and his family. His name is Buckly Sligo in Alderney. You need to get access to a police computer.

Step 1 - find a cop car. You discover that Buckly hangs out at a Burger Shot - and you call that in to Derrick. Off you go in your cop car. Along the way you pass a few hot dog stands if you need some health.

Back into the arrow so the car is facing out. He sees you coming through the drive-through so this way you can follow him easily. You follow him through a few back yards, through fences. Just trail along behind him, he doesn't go too quickly. After the "jump" you are pretty much there. He stops at a big house. Now it's gunfight time.

Use your car as cover and shoot down the ones out front. There should be two there. Then use cover as best you can to slowly work your way in to shoot the few guys inside. Finally crouch at the bottom of the stairs and snipe up at Bucky to end.

Now you have two stars - hop back into your cop car. A short drive and you're all set!


You talk with Derrick - he' sstill all screwed up.

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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