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GTA IV Walkthrough

You're just told to take care of a boat. You're escorting a Korean contact with fake bills. Aiden is still in jail and rants about him being a betrayer. He claims he never betrayed anybody.

You drive out to the blue marker where the boat is.

You are now following Kim and his white boat through the water. Three attackers show up - blast away at them to keep Kim's boat safe. Just as you get them cleared out, more show up. Keep shooting, aim for the driver.

Now a chopper shows up. He drives, you have to use the rocket launcher to shoot down the chopper. Stand with Y then rotate weapons to the rocket launcher to select it.

Now you have to follow Kim again. Note if there are boats left over at this point you have to take them out before you cna go forward again.

No more boats come in. You pull up to the docks.


GTA IV Walkthrough

GTA IV Review

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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