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GTA IV Walkthrough
Tunnel of Death

Brucie calls to laugh about Roman getting married.

Derrick asks how you manage. We all got our demons. Aiden O'Malley is being moved. That was the guy who thinks Derrick ratted on him. He wants you to deal with Aiden. Note the glowing pigeon in the background.

Packie calls about the deal. He tells you to get a truck. Drive on over to the spot and get into the truck.

Now you call up again and get to hear the plan. You're going to use a rocket launcher. You're going to block a tunnel with the truck and spring him. You can't just kill him - they'd suspect Derrick. Instead, you're going to spring him, then kill him later.

Head over to the Booth Tunnel. Drive down the right side. When you get to the right spot, move the truck so it covers both yellow spots at once.

You need to take out the escort, but keep Aiden alive. One of the cops walks over to talk with you - shoot him then stay behind the truck. Shoot down the other cops one by one, popping out from behind cover to do it. Again, another mission I'm not too fond of.

When it's clear, hop into the transportation van and you get 3 stars. You have to lose the stars. Go forward to get out of the radius. If you go REALLY slowly then the helicopter gives up and takes off so it's easier to escape.

Now when the stars are goine, you have to drive the truck to somewhere safe. You drive past police cars at this point without anybody noticing. Suspicous. Go to the spot.

You switch cars now - you're going to the cliffs. You don't want to leave the body nearby, you want the cops to think he escaped. He keeps talking about who might have sprung him. Packie runs off. If you push aiden off the cliff, he might or might not die. You might have to shoot him a few times.


You call into Derrick and give him the news. He has a fresh beginning.

Kate misses you! She wants you to live a normal life. She likes diners.

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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