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GTA IV Walkthrough
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Dwayne feels tainted, nobody wants to roll with him. His girlfriend won't answer the phone. He gave her everything - cars, houses etc. while he was in prison. She took it all - but she was cheating on him; she's with Jayvon.

You'll go ask for his money back. They're at an arcade in Chinatown. He says not to bother but you say you'll go anyway.

You can ride the subway along to the marked spot. It's sort of fun! Just make sure you have a car ready before you talk with them.

You realize right away that they were cruelly using Dwane. You call them "snakes" and say they need to pay him back. You can kill her or let her live. She is really sorry about screwing him over and you let her live. Now you have to chase down the boyfriend.

Run him down - he drops his money. Now you have to meet Dwayne at Cluckin' Bell. I'm confused by this - they took thousands from him and you're taking the pocket change? Why not get his ATM and clear out the bank account?

Anyway, Dwayne is happy. "My name still means something." You say the ex was let go. He says she was Cherise. He's happy she's not dead.

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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