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GTA IV Walkthrough
Blow Your Cover

You will be watching over Johnny who is selling some heroin. Playboy is going along with you, to keep an eye on things.

You're going to an apartment first, to meet up with a contact. Go straight north for a yellow Hummer (Patriot). Playboy claims he owns this city. You tell him you are looking for work. He says he will get you some jobs. You hear about the Death Angels and Lost motorcycle gangs who are warring.

It's a fairly long drive to get to the apartment. You're told that the place is on the third floor. Grab the shotgun that is right inside the door. The buyer is Charlie, from an Asian country.

The three of you prepare to go in. There are 2 guys in there. He wants to know if you do have the heroin. It's LCPD. You have to shoot the cops on this floor - the first time so far in this game (that I remember) where you are actually shooting "good guys" rather than just other criminals. I'm not overly fond of shooting guys in uniform, I almost wish there was an alternative like "flee without hurting them". Ah well. Go up the stairs. There are more cops up there.

Once they're down, your friends come up the stairs with you. More cops are waiting up there. You keep moving up. There's a health replenish up on the roof, and kill a few more guys. As you cross the roof, there's a body armor there. Take out a few guys, then go down the outer stairwell. One more guy then it's down the stairs as the sirens blare, with two wanted stars. Another guy in the stairwell.

There's a car across the street, so you two hop in and have to lose the wanted level. You can now go over to Manhattan and you hear about how he wants to expand his horizons. He talks about a guy in prison that he knows, Dwane. That Dwane went in for selling coke and now he's been in so long that there are 20 new drugs. He says Playboy is going legitimate and he wants to be that way too.

You drop him off at an apartment with a parking spot.

+ Playboy X

You call Elizabeta - she says the feds are all over her. Now you only get a M - not an E or other letter.

Roman calls and says he got insurance money for the loss of his cab place and he can build a new one.

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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