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GTA IV Walkthrough
The Snow Storm

You walk in to find Elizabeta arguing with Little Jacob. Apparently some of Jacob's friends ripped her off. You have to go to the old hospital and get Elizabeta's coke back.

Drive over there - it's a long drive. Go into the marked spot in front of the hospital. You're told the coke is "somewhere" in there. Helpful! There are tons of red dots for you to deal with. Make sure you're loaded up on weapons and armor.

Move slowly, using cover. It's not a trick, just patience and time. Finally you get them all and call in. Jacob says he has to talk to someone to figure out where the leak is.

Were you lonely? Not any more! A helicopter comes in, plus lots of SWAT members too. You're instantly at 3 stars. Apparently those SWAT guys are called NOOSE.

It takes a while to escape but you can do it by driving fast. You can outdrive the helicopters! Now you have to go meet with Little Jacob. He thinks he knows who the troublemaker is.

Michelle shows up. She works for the government. Surprise! We're surprised! NOT. She wants the coke. They're going to take down Elizabeta, and she's sorry. She reminds you that she's being nice to you. "You could have gone down too"

You give her the coke, she's going to let you both go. Jacob is going to go tell Elizabeta

Brucie thumbs down

She says you should call her for a job

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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