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GTA IV Walkthrough
Have a Heart

Elizabeta is all upset. She thinks she's going to prison. She's doing a ton of coke while she talks to you. Jorge turned state's evidence. Manny comes in to to shut her down, on video tape with his videographer. Elizabetha freaks and shoots both of them. You drag the bodies down to the car.

Get into the car and drive to the doctor. This is a VERY simple driving mission. Little Jacob calls - you're busy.

Drive around back to the spot. The Doctor wants all the organs and body parts. "They're gonna help a lot of folks"

$3,000, quick and easy

you call Elizabeta - she says good.

mallorie calls - she asks about Michelle being a fed. she apologizes.

unknown caller - patrick mcreary - he needs some help. His ma's is on Savannah Avenue

GTA IV Walkthrough

GTA IV Review

If you have any questions about the Grand Theft Auto IV universe, be sure to ask them in our forums! We provide all sorts of help with GTA IV gameplay questions.

GTAIV Walkthrough

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