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GTA IV Walkthrough
Call and Collect

This begins as a question mark, but once you talk with him, it turns into an F set of missions. This is the cop that you met through Manny. His name is Francis McReary. He's abusive to you. He knows you killed Mikhail Faustin, so now he's blackmailing you into helping him out.

Ironically enough, someone is blackmailing McReary. He made a mistake. He doesn't want to be seen handing over the money though, to make it worse. He's having you drop off the money.

Once you get started, you add Francis into your contact list. Drive on over to the marked location. You call in once you arrive at the park and call in. You have to then call a number - and see who answers.

It's easy enough, and the target is marked. Now you shoot the guy, pretty straight forward. The police come after you and you have to take off. Grab the photos first.

Lose your wanted level, i.e. race away. Now you give those to Francis, who is quite happy. "It's my redemption."

You earn $1,000 and now you get a F option.

GTA IV Walkthrough

GTA IV Review

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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