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GTA IV Walkthrough
Final Interview

Your cop-friend offers you a drink, you turn him down.

He's talking about mistakes again. He says he's a good guy. He's worried about a stain on his character

Apparently a lawyer thinks he's a crusader. The lawyer is Tom Goldberg. He has something on the cop, is taking it to the DA. He's hard to get to. Has a bodyguard.

The solution is a job interview, "Get yourself a suit" he says - but you're wearing a suit!!

Go to the internet cafe. When you submit your resume, you get an automated call saying the offices are closed (we did it at night) and they'll call you later.

You also get a call from the main guy saying that you're doing well.

Note that it's fine to do other things now, until the interview becomes ready.

You can be a little late and it doesn't kill. You're greeted by security guards as you go in. Go to the front desk. She checks on Mr. Goldberg. You have to follow her to the office. She says he is a saint.

He likes your resume. He looks at it again. He's talking about the decay in society. He goes around shaking people. There's a good cop who isn't above the law. "I'm going to crush him into dust." A room in this office was murdered. Now he's calling you a dumb immigrant.

Time to stand up. You ask about the files - they're on his desk. You get them. Now you have to kill him. The secretary comes in and screams. Now security guards are coming in at you. You can't jump out of the giant windows??

The main door you came in is locked. You have to run down a flight of stairs in the main lobby, then down another flight. There's a health kit on the table down at that lower level. When you get out it is 3 stars on you.

Alternately, just stab the guy a ton of times. No muss, no fuss, no wanted stars!

Get to the marked spot. You give him the files. He gives you $1,000

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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