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GTA IV Walkthrough
Holland Nights ...

He says the world is shades of grey. He wants to make things better by any means necessary.

You tell him this is the last time. There's a drug dealer in East Holland. He needs him dealt with. You say isn't that police work? He says it'll take over a year to get evidence. "Maybe people make mistakes."

He'll give you $2,000. You want $5,000. He agrees.

Drive on over to the spot. You call in. He's on the second floor - everyone you see is working for him. He says to get off the ground floor before "getting violent".

Clarence is the main guy's name.

Go across the street and stand on a dumpster. You get a clear shot to snipe him from there. You get 2 stars - hop into a car and head on out.


UL Paper calls and says they need you and Jacob to ride in the chopper. It goes right into PAPER TRAIL.

GTA IV Walkthrough

GTA IV Review

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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