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GTA IV Walkthrough

He is all upset that you only killed one guy - and that's what you did. He says that one of the other guys is now going to talk with the judge. He says it's just one more guy to kill. "The guy sells heroin to kids". You want $5,000. You say you don't care if the guy talks or not. The guy is in an apartment on Denver, holed up. He left a rifle for you. Go there, give him a call.

Drive on over to the marked spot. Grab the car, go to the apartment. When you get there, you auto-call. He says the guy is on the 4th floor on the east side. Go up on the roof opposite to shoot at him. Use your imagination to get him to the window.

Go across the street from the yellow dot and look up. You can see a pink window, which appears to be "hi". Now go into the front door of that marked building. Go up the internal stairs of that building to the roof.

Go over to the marked location. You can see three windows - red on the left, white on the right, yellow on the right. You see a guy watching TV commercials. You can see the TV running. Shoot out the satellite dish right next to the window. He starts to fiddle with the TV - so you get a clean shot at him.

Now you head downstairs through the building. The area is flashing red/blue - but how do they know it's you? Cops are down there. Instead, go up across the roofs and get to a fire escape. The cop stars expire, $5,000.

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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