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GTA IV Walkthrough
Girlfriend - Michelle

You first meet Michelle when Roman sends you to pick up Mallory with her. She likes you and says she'll call.

She does indeed call and asks you to take her bowling. This date goes smoothly - just end it without asking for anything else.

Now she calls again. You have to get there in an hour. If you have a new car, she says she likes the car. She then says "take you somewhere I like"

My boyfriend wanted to try the comedy club even though I said she liked sports type of stuff :) So off we went. She starts prodding you about what you do. You say the army was rough but this should be different.

You take her to Perestroika; she says "I wonder what will be on, sometimes it's awful." Not encouraging. Go to the marked spot to see the show. The magic guy lets his assistant crash. Then there's a really bizarre bluesy girl.

Michelle thinks guys in there were gangsters. Not a great date. However, still, when you ask to go in, she says yes. You get the audio of a rather tepid sexual encounter, including her saying "oh tell me interesting things! Oh you're special!".

achievement 5g - warm coffee

michelle +

Next date - go play darts, she likes that too. You get more improvement with michelle + but no more achievements. She keeps talking about cops and criminals. I don't think they could make it any more obvious that she was an undercover cop of some sort. Also why can't you take her to mini-golf or the carnival right now? They're right there ...

When you take her to the bowling alley she says that criminals like it there because the sound drowns out bugs.

When you take her out for darts, she now quizzes you about Vlad. Is he in the mafia?

Next, she wants you to talk to you about her work. We took her to a restaurant. Those are quick-easy dates in terms of gameplay. She said "this reminds me of where I grew up". We had a casual sweatjacket on, and she didn't like it.

Now she's asking you for drugs although she claims it's not for her. You tell her no. Are you finally suspicous of her? We took her out to pool again and she said "you must really love pool!" even though we've only taken her out there once.

Odd - the next time, she doesn't say anything at all during the ride. I think we have maxed out her conversation quotient! Yup, another date and she still doesn't say anything.

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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