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GTA IV Walkthrough
Actions Speak Louder than Words

You go in to hang out in the kitchen. Once again you're not drinking. He doesn't want to remain a slave. He has a plan. They need to cause trouble between the Ancelottis and their muscle. Set a bomb off so the Ancelottis think the Albanians did it. He's glad you're on board.

Go to Inchon Ave and get the bomb. It's pretty easy to get. You have to put the bomb in the trunk then follow them. "Easy right?" Always suspicous.

So go to the blue marked spot to find the car. It's in lower Manhattan. When you get there, it's all alone. Use LB to rig it. Now you hop back into your car and go across the street to watch. You see the "bad guys" including Big Tone talking about the Albanians. "Forget about it". They didn't pronounce that quite properly :)

Follow the Ancelottis - from a distance. They go quite a long ways. Finally you get a cut scene of them pulling in at a warehouse. You have to go somewhere nearby but not TOO close to detonate the bomb. Drive on over to the marked spot, then call Gerry.

The phone rings ... and the car goes BOOM :)

There are a collection of guys left behind - about six. You can snipe them all where you are. You have 2 stars. Hop in your car and get some distance.


You call it in, Gerry is happy about it. Now he wants to talk about step 2.

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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