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GTA IV Walkthrough
I Need your Clothes, your Boots and your Motorcycle

Gerry says he owes the Pegorinos. He thinks he's being watched by the cops. We have to find out who has been speaking. Pegorino wants to be in with the five families. You're going to disguise yourself as an Albanian. The one in the freezer.

You get new clothes. Go over to the marked motorcycle. It's a PCJ 600. Drive over to the meeting point. You see guys yelling about going to the mattressess. You hav eto take out Frankie Garone who is driving off. Chase him down. You have to do it QUICKLY - if he gets out of range, you fail.

This is a ROUGH mission because he is very quick and you have to try to stay right behind him, negotiate the curves and keep him in your aim. It's good to practice up a lot with the motorcycle before trying this one! They key is to stay alive. Watch where you are going, don't run into walls.

As soon as you kill him and the mission ends, even if you have stars, the cops go away :)


Gerry calls - he's worried about the cops and asks you to watch over his family

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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