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GTA IV Walkthrough
Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

You hear he's going to be stuck in jail for a long time. He's a bit annoyed about it. You call up Packie. He says they're preparing to hand off the girl. They want a big bag of diamonds in trade, and they're waiting for you.

When you get there, it's in a quiet little blue car with your friends in it. Go over to the sewage works, as indicated on the map. Once you get to the gates, drive around to the back. When you get there, you get a scene of the exchange. A pair of guys look at you. Theyput the bag of diamonds down on the ground in the middle of the room. You gusy release Gracie and she goes over to them.

As they are leaving and you two are going for the diamonds, Mr. Bulgarin shows up with a team. They all start shooting.

The assault rifle works well here. Hide behind your car and pop out for quick shots. It's key to be patient here, to watch for the individual shooters and to take them down one by one. There's body armor on the ramp up into the structure. At some point you two split up - more enemies show up down below. Take them out.

Now you have a final guy who says he's trapped. He throws away the diamonds into a truck. Once you kill off the remaining guys, you're told to take Packie back to his Ma's house. Go to the ladder there and slide down it. Packie is rather upset. You try to say that the diamonds are bad luck. You think they're the same diamonds from earlier.

You had worked for Bulgarin smuggling people - the ship you were on sunk. He blamed you for that sinking.

You don't get paid :) You call Ray and tell him about Bulgarin.

GTA IV Walkthrough

GTA IV Review

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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