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GTA IV Walkthrough

Oddly, on the mini-map this says "Gambetti" but his name is Gravelli.

Gravelli is at the hospital, you go in to see him at his bed. He's elderly. talks about his friend Pegorino. Gravelli doesn't have much time left. He cares about his legacy. He doesn't like the Russians coming in and taking over his family's territory. He says Bernie's boyfriend is being blackmailed by the Russians. The Russians want him to put Gravelli's contracts up for open bid. Gravelli says he'll turn over the information about the guy you are looking for - and get your police file cleared.

A friend of Gravelli's is coming in to talk about the Russian mob. Gravelli is worried about him - that Dimitri Rascalov would take action against the friend. You need to make sure this friend gets to City Hall; he's coming in from upstate and will be at Grand Easton Terminal.

Drive on over to the marked location. Walk over to the marked guy. They want you to stay in their convoy as they go to city hall. Wait for Bobby Jefferson to get in the car with you. He talks on the phone with someone while you drive. It's Jon. Stay close to the guy in front of you. You stop at lights and everything. He talks about Mayor Ochoa.

As you get to a workman with a closed road, one of your guys gets out. He gets shot.

You all run into an alley, then snipe from here. Take out the guys down low, then watch for guys on the roof too. Note that a second wave comes in when the first wave is done, so don't get too cocky.

"You've got to get us to the Citadel" says Mr. Jefferson. Now you have four more guys coming in. Hop into the car. You have to outrun or outgun the pursuers and then hear him talk about the things he wants to accomplish. You can actually drive in to the marked spot.

He'll tell Jon you did well.


You call in to Gravelli. He complains about the Russians.

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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