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GTA IV Walkthrough
Dining Out

Oddly, on the mini-map this says "Gambetti" but his name is Gravelli.

Darko Brevic has been found. He was in Bucharest. He'll be here soon. You're happy. The Russian freinds are getting the message - some of them. You need to do a favor for the mutual friend. A Korean is selling money at a discount. Gravelli needs you to deal with this, eliminate the guy. Kim Young-Guk. He'll be very well protected. He eats at Mr. Fuk's Rice Box in Alderney City. Mr. Gravelli isn't in good shape.

First you have to go to the restaurant. Get body armor first. It's a long drive over there. When you get there, you're told to go inside. There are a pair of red doors. Go up to the main podium. You ask where Kim is. He's upstairs talking to the manager. You're told to get lost. Now you have a blue spot to lead you to him.

Shoot the guy at the desk, then turn right and shoot the guy who comes at you there. As you head right, you'll have a group of asians shooting at you and swearing at you. Hide in the entryway arch and snipe carefully around the corner. When the entry area is clear, head up the stairs. Go over to the red door in the corner.

You ask the guy where Kim is. he says Kim went out through the kitchen. There's a body armor in there. You don't have to kill the manager, he's a non-combatant. Once you leave this room there are more enemies in the main hall again. Clear them out. Head into the kitchen area, and out the back door.

When you get downstairs he gets into a car and you have a bike to hop on. If you slide down the ladder you can even take out the car before they leave the area.

You call in to Gravelli and he's quite pleased.

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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