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GTA IV Walkthrough
Liquidize the Assets

Jon is talking with the UL Paper guy. Jon says the mayor will be by in a moment. Apparently the Ancelottis are in league with the Russians. He's dealing drugs with Ivan the Goddamn Terrible. There is a fleet of vans distributing cocaine, moving all over the country. They want the cocaine destroyed. The UL Paper guy says he has a real treat for you if you do this for him.

You have to go to the "compound". It's completely across the entire map. As you get close you get a little cut scene, telling you the area is heavily guarded. There's body armor sitting on a pile of boxes. There are snipers up on the roof. This is going to take both shooting and grenades to get through.

The main mission is to blow up the five marked red spots - the five vans. You also of course have to kill the guards too :)

Stay down below and snipe at as many guys as you can get to. More will come down towards you - let them come. Eventually no more guys will pursue you and you can start slowly going up towards the main area.

When you start blowing up the vans, they start calling out that they are worried. We like to use grenades on the vans. One of the vans takes off, you have to chase it down. Luckily it seems to drive in circles


You call Gravelli and give him the news. He's quite happy. He says he'll call you when Darko is in the country.

You want to save right away here - put your phone in sleep mode to ensure you can get there in time. Because ...

UL Paper calls to say that your guy is in town. You're all done - you're alone now and are done with jobs. This goes right into That Special Someone.

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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