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GTA IV Walkthrough
That Special Someone

You go instantly into this one from the previous mission, once you get the phone call that Darko is in town. You have to first go to pick up Roman at Firefly Island.

Once you get him, hop into your vehicle. We like a helicopter for this. You talk about how Darko's betrayal affected you. Niko says that everything good and innocent in him died on that day - that it might have been better if he had really died. All he does is deal in death now. Roman claims you are a good man with integrity, that you still have humanity. You still have the power to be good. Niko says that Darko's death might bring him closure. Roman tells you to focus on your future, on forgiveness and redemption.

Land near the yellow spot. "This is it - this is where it all ends" says Niko.

Darko is tossed out of a van, trussed up. Darko claims he doesn't know you. In a moment he does remember you. You ask him why he did it. Darko says he had other friends, friends that Goran and the others killed. His neighbors were slain by Goran, because of lies. Darko says he got paid a thousand dollars for the betrayal. He had problems, he needed the money. He tells you to just kill him, that you'd be doing him a favor.

Roman wants to just go, to let him live and suffer. You stand staring down at this man. You have the choice to execute him or to let him live. Darko claims that you were always a killer at heart. We let him live.

Roman says you did the right thing. "Be proud of yourself." You are cynical about it and upset. "This has been a very difficult moment for me." You say you had wanted revenge for so long - but if you'd killed him, he'd just be dead, nothing would change. Revenge would not shut the book. Roman tells you to move on. You agree.

When you drop off Roman, you call up Bernie. You tell him that you let Darko live. He says he is really proud of you. He says that you won. You have to celebrate.

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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