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GTA IV Walkthrough
Pegorino's Pride

There's a cranky older woman going on about organized crime. You're brought into a home office. Peg is nervous about you being followed. He wants you to deal with a problem. He talks about a snake and a lion :) They're going to meet up with the Pavano family. The Pavanos haven't shown them respect in the past. Ray comes into the room and gives him a little present.

You are driving a sedan with three other guys. You need to drive to a refinery - it's key to be fully healthy with armor here. Peg goes on in more paranoid ways about things. Apparently the Pavanos have bookies here, and Peg doesn't even make them kick back money to him. Peg talks very nastily to Marco, one of his own crew. Eventually you get to the spot.

You're given a rifle and told to go up into the building. You're told not to shoot unless Peg is attacked. Hmmmm - could it be a calm relaxing meeting? Go in the door that is right there. Once you get up there the meeting starts. Zoom in on the guys and aim at the guy on the right's head. Sure enough, bad guys show up right away. Luckily Peg hides behind a car so only his bodyguards are killed. When the bad guys are all dead, run downstairs to get to him.

Get out and there are now several bad guys up on the buildings. Take them out. As you go through the building you get body armor. You finally get in to Peg. Now guys in a car have Peg's "offering" - you have to run them down. "This is a declaration of war" claims Peg. Chase after them and shoot them - eventually they crash and you take them out on foot. The final guy drops a backpack for you to grab and go back to the car with.

Now Peg wants to go home. He rants more about the situation. He doesn't really care about Marco and Pete dying. He only thinks about the crew when they turn into rats. Peg does say thanks.


GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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