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GTA IV Walkthrough

The annoying wife rides on you a little. Anthony goes yelling to his boss. Peg isn'tmuch better. They have a problem with the Pavanos. Peg says his family is being harassed. Some Pavanos are in town today, at the Diner in Acter. You have to follow them and harass them - you get to keep the money they are getting from the bookies.

First, drive to the diner. Easy enough. Get yourself a fast car for this one. Make sure you stock up on weapons and body armor. This is going to get messy.

Approach the yellow dot from the west. Once you park, you see a car drive up (a rather fast car) and pick up his Sopranos-looking pal. They spot you immediately and decide they have to lose you. Chase after them. Do NOT try to destroy them, because you need them to get to their meeting. Just follow along in the alleys and side roads they take. It's better to go more slowly and not hit things, vs going fast and potentially get wrapped up in an accident.

You'll see the pile of red dots by the AutorEritocar spot as you approach it. Park and hide behind your car, then pop out to shoot the bad guys down.

It's really not too bad, if you have good cover.

UL Paper calls at this point, and tells you to go talk with the Gravellis - another Mafia family.

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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