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GTA IV Walkthrough
One Last Thing ...

This is a special mission that activates once the Darko situation is resolved. This is the "beginning of the end".

Make sure you save before heading out onto this one.

Niko orders a vodka on the rocks - is he actually going to drink it? You hear that there are elgal problems. Aha! Niko actually takes a drink of something!

Pegorino says he knows how to earn and he needs a favor. He says he'll pay really well. He has Russians to buy the H and needs you to get it. Dimitri Rascolov. You refuse. he pleads with you to help him. He says it's his last chance. He needs the money. He said he refused to whack you in the past. You tell him that you have history with Dimitri and Peg says "get over your principles" - "do it or you and me are going to have a problem." He promises Phil will look after you - that you won't have to deal with the Russians. You are really upset about this all but you finally give in.

You call Roman and say you have a problem. You tell him about Dimitri. Roman knows about this, that you're working with him. You remind Roman about the burning down apartment - and Roman says he has a better one now. You say you'll think about it.

You call Kate and talk with her. You say that you're being asked to work with a man who betrayed you in your past. It would be profitable, but it would hurt your integrity. Kate says you shouldn't compromise yourself for money.

"Make Your Decision..." it sasys in the top. Roman texts you and says to go for the money, so you can have a private jet. You have two indicators on your map - a green money sign and a red man sign.

We decided to kill Dimitri. After all, he's been a slimeball in the past. You don't need th emoney. Heck at this point we have over $500,000 and we really don't have anything to spend it on! We have nice cars and a snazzy wardrobe. Off we go to the red Dimitri symbol.

Roman keeps texting you begging you to take the deal. He wants a luxurious honeymoon with his wife to be.

A Dish Served Cold

The Russians are loading heroin onto the cargo ship. Dimitri is supervising the operation in the ship's hold. The doors to the cargo hold are controlled from the bridge. You have to find a way to get to Dimitri.

This is a long one and the key is to work slowly. Take cover. Work slowly. Make sure you clear out all of the guys you can get to from the dock before you start up the gangplank.

Work your way around the main ship area, and then get into the bridge. There's a health kit right inside, on a table. As you go upstairs, the second bunk room on the right has body armor in it. Go out the back and onto another balcony area. Make your way up to level 3.

Finally you get to the actual bridge area. You're told to operate the controls. There's body armor up here. Go to the two "sticks" and use RB to use them. You get a video showing the cargo doors opening up.

When you come back out, there are fresh guys shooting at you. Again, take it slow, using cover, taking them out before progressing. There's a health kit in the kitchen area. There are grenades and body armor at the nose of the ship.

When you are fully ready, head down into the bowels of the ship. Drop down either side and take cover immediately. There are of course a few bad guys down here. Stay away from the propane tanks!

As you get near Dimitri, you begin talking with him. You say that you won't be dealing with him. Dimitri calls in some men, but you take them down rather easily. Now it's just you and him. Grenades work well. Dimitri says "people" won't be happy if you kill him. You don't get an assassination circle, but your task is to kill him - no options.

You now have a yellow marker to go towards. No money.

You call Roman - he's upset about the loss of the money. He says to wear a suit to the wedding.

Bell calls - Phil says he didn't trust Dimitri either. He says Jimmy is falling apart and the Pegorino's are done. he's out. He says you two won't be talking any more.

Roman calls again. He says he's getting married tomorrow. He says to get some sleep and to meet you at the church at 10am.

Roman calls again after midnight to say that he's excited about getting married.

You call Kate and she is very proud of you for standing by your principles. She wants you to pick her up at her mother's house.

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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