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GTA IV Walkthrough
Concrete Jungle

Hop in the vehicle with Jacob. He's doing a drug deal and is feeling paranoid. He spouts metaphors about not being able to shake hands with a clenched fist.

When you get there he says for you to drive around back into the alleyway. Drive around to the marked spot. You get a call promptly from LJ. He says it was a bad deal and to take the bad guys out You see 3 guys running in short order. Run them down with the car. It's pretty quick and easy.

Go back to pick up Little Jacob. "Stand up for your rights" sings the radio. Now he wants to go to a house in Meadows Park.

You two go up to the house together. Use RB to take cover behind a wall. Use LT to lock onto someone then RT to spin around. Use this information to take out the stairs guy. Now move left to the window and take out the guy in the living room. Another guy comes into that same spot, so do the same thing with him.

Use RB to leave cover and go into the house. Now it's more free form for fighting. There are two guys in the kitchen area.

When you clear the house, there are first aid kits on the table. Use LB to get weapons on the floor.

Now you go for another drive. Little Jacob works for Badman and follows him whereever he goes. You end up at the Homebrew Cafe.

+$200 for that
Little Jacob thumbs up

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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