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GTA IV Walkthrough

It's really good to have subtitles on at this part, if you haven't turned them on yet. The dialogue is tricky! Apparently some guys are selling weed without cutting them in.

You get to go over a bridget to a new area now!!

Roman calls you to shoot pool while you're on your mission. You say sorry, but no.

You are walking in towards the red dot. It's a guy on foot. Chase him down and kill him. There are 3 drug dealers in total.

This is a pretty straightforward mission.

When it's done, you call up LJ and he's happy.

LJ +

call up LJ - Badman is impressed with you. You can be a package runner now for extra cash.

Also note that LJ will call you occasionall to go to strip clubs. All you "do" there is pay $50 to watch a semi-nude girl gyrate around in front of you. For me, not so fun. You can't even sit with LJ.

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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