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GTA IV Walkthrough
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OK, your first real Mikhail mission. He's apparently a druggie - he's doing coke. His best friend, Dimitri, a "calm businesman" type, tells him to lay off it. Mikhail says he's a fool, a drunken fool, and to make him suffer .

Dimitri is the businessman. he's the calm one, Mikhail is the angry one

Apparently a porn guy is not cutting in these guys on the money. Mikhail wants a cut of the money.

Once you get there, you have to hold the gun on the main guy, then on Brett, then shoot him in the leg. Nothing too challenging, it's teaching you how to target.

Now follow Dimitri out of the shop again. get into the car. Dimitri calls Mikhail and he's upset that the guy is still alive.

Now you're at a gun shop, very low end and feeble. You get a free gun - could be a $1200 SMG

When you're done, you get back into a car with him. You hear that Mikhail used to be a fair man but now he is violently angry. Andrei had been a good worker and was shot on a whim.

There's a new message from LJ

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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