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GTA IV Walkthrough
Final Destination

You and Mikhail are hanging out at Perestroika. He calls his pal Dimitri "brother" but he means that they are close. Dimitri says there is now police trouble. The police have been authorized to tap phones, and they know about the pot.

Mikhail is paranoid and wants to kill Lenny - Dimitri's cousin's boyfriend. Dimitri doesn't like this idea. You have to go to Guantanamo Ave in south Bohan.

As you get close you call in and the brothers are still arguing. Forward you go. You get to the sopt then go to the green stairs and up to the platform.

You warn Lenny, he mouths off, and then his boduguard / friend shoots you. Meanwhile Lenny runs across the tracks to the other side. He yells that his father is Kenny Petrovic.

First, kill the friend quickly, that's pretty easy. Then go after Lenny. He goes down the stairs on the other side of the tracks. Then he gets into a fast sportscar but he does a slow u-turn. You have time to run to a car and go after him.

LB to shoot while driving. You chase him until he stops, then you shoot him and kill him. Note I'm fuzzy on this last part because my notes are missing for that part, so if someone has any further comment on that ending part, please let m eknow.

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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