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GTA IV Walkthrough
No Love Lost

When you go in to talk with Mikhail, for some reason Dimitri is missing. Mikhail says that the two were in the army together, in prison together, and are like brothers.

Mikhail shows you a photo and asks if you know her. You say no. Apparently this is his daughter. She's at Firefly Island. Mikhail wants you to kill the boyfriend.

Off you go. You find the two together. The boyfriend takes off to get his pals. You haveto ride after him on your motorcycle.

Chase him down to a spot under a bridge. There are multiple gang members here - take cover beneath the pillers. Just focus, stay hidden, and shoot them one by one.

When you finish them off - call in, and he thanks you.

Your pal Roman calls, wants to eat. Take him on out! He says your mom misses you, maybe she should move out here.

GTA IV Walkthrough

GTA IV Review

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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