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GTA IV Walkthrough
The Puerto Rican Connection

Manny is upset that he looks like a "metrosexual" and the show is garbage. he wants to go bust someone. Some punks are coming in on the El Train, he wants them shut down.

Get a fast car for this one, and head on out. Drive over to the marked spot. You have a red dot for the train, so drive along below it on the road. It tells you to hold B to focus on the train but that's a royal pain. Just drive along the streets about where the train is going.

When you reach the ending sopt, the target gets off the train. Go over to the stairs and go up them. There's three of them - just blast them with the shotgun and you're set!


You call Manny and let him know that they're taken care of.

Michelle calls and asks about Elizabeta. She doesn't want you in that world. She wants you to talk to her, she's a good listener.

Playboy X texts you to say he has some work for you. You get an X on the map.

Unknown message - meet at the pier by castle gardens.

Elizabeta calls and needs your help with Jacob, understanding him.

GTA IV Walkthrough

GTA IV Review

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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