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GTA IV Walkthrough
Harboring a Grudge

Patrick and Katie are arguing in front of their mom. He's rather rude to them. You turn down a beer - I'm not sure you have ever drunk alcohol in any of these scenes. He says you have business to take care of.

You guys need a car, and go out to the harbor warehouse. There's a ship coming in. They're "cousins" from the East, a random haul. His brother got the news from Ray Boccino - a random mob guy. The dialogue in the car is fun :)

You arrive at the spot. He wants you to go up on the roof. Follow Packie along. He goes in through a hole in the fence. Around the back,he jumps up some planks then does a hanging grab. Jump from far away to grab the ledge then use the L thumbstick to slide over right. Y drops you down again.

Now go up onto the piping, X to climb up, and follow behind him. You see a cut scene of a gorup of people out on the warehouse, and a little boat comes in. "Cloned meds". He wants to wait until the truck is ready and then steal it. Of course you have to clear out a few guards first :)

Jump down level by level to get to the ground then take cover behind one of the containers, peering out to shoot at people. Packie calls them Triad members. Be careful with grenades, if you blow up the truck you fail the mission :)

Once the outside area is clear, there are still guys inside, so be careful. Grab the health when you're done. Hop in the truck and wait for Packie to stroll over to join you. You are the driver and he will literally ride shotgun for you. There's a reason it's called "riding shotgun" :) That was how stagecoaches were guarded back in the Old West!

You get to throw grenades and join in the fun. Hold LB to pull the pin, release to throw it.

Once you drop it off, Packie praises you for your help in it. The Italian might give you a call sometime. They just abandon you there.


Packie +

Francis calls you to harass you - they are brothers. Gerald and Derrick are even worse.

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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