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GTA IV Walkthrough
Waste Not Want Knots

Kate is there with Patrick and some guys. Packie hands out weapons. They are going to rob a thief. The mafia. The money is very good.

You have to steal a car and let all of them in. Drive them to the waste depot. It's an Ancelotti operation. Your'e working for the Pegorinos. Packie talks about how his family used to run the city. You hear about Frankie being an altar boy. He stole collection plate money.

It's a fairly long drive. Finally you arrive at the cemetery. Park in the marked spot. Ray said the money is in the office, and a boat in back for the getaway. Go over the fence, then a second one. Guys inside that fence start shooting - fire back. Work your way patiently along.

Once the outside is clear, go in through the grey doors. There are lots of guys inside. Again, take cover along the low wall and take the bad guys out. Once you go in and grab the money a new set of bad guys show up. Work your way around towards the back.

More guys keep coming in the front door - so run out the back with him. You have to jump into the water and swim towards the boat which is out in the water. It'll be lit up with a blue dot. Press A repeatedly to swim more quickly. Wait for him to get in then take off. use L to steer it, RT to accelerate, LT to brake. He says Gerry will be happy. You comment that the Ancelottis might realize it was you. Use RB to turn quickly. Drive to the marked dock. Packie is still going on about not touching his sister.

He gives you $8,000 and takes off in the boat.

Now Packie calls and asks for you to take Katie out. Odd!

Ray Boccino calls as "unknown caller" and says to go to Drusilla's in Little Italy. Ray is added as a contact.

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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