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GTA IV Walkthrough
Three Leaf Clover

You get to meet Derrick and Gerald. Derrick was over in Ireland. You get Ray added as a contact. You are the designated driver. Make sure you are fully healed and have body armor for this one! This is a LONG mission.

Drive on over to the bank. You each take out a security guard. He and St.Michael take the civilians, the other two of you take the guards. They have explosives. PE4 is the "limey" name for C4.

Get to the bank spot and head on in.

High school football champ on the floor whispers he's a gun club member and wants to take them out. Michael starts arguing with Packie and soon there's a gunfight going on. Run down through the safe door - all the way into the back to the money spot. You walk out with both hands loaded down. You hear helicopters flying in, "a F-in Apache Attack Helicopter!" says my boyfriend. SWAT too. This isn't looking good.

"It's a bacon factor out there!" You have to cover your two remaining friends - shoot the cars to get them to explode. They're worrying about the bags having gunshot holes in them. You have 5 stars. If they shoot you, you see green money flying out :)

Clear out the cops on the front, then down the alley to the back. You have to shoot as you go. As you finish off each set, a new set of cops will appear to block you. You do find body armor along the way. As you get into an alley you get a cut scene of a helicopter. You want to take down the copter?? No, you're going into the subway system.

There's a bunch of cops in the subway area. Work your way down to the track area. A bunch of cops come down on the other side. The cars aren't stopping so you have go along the tracks. Watch for the cars! Get to the marked arrow and then up the stairs. There's a health kit to the right of the stairs.

Now you're down to only three stars. There's a car right there - hop in and start driving. Shouldn't you guys be taking off your suspicious ski masks about now? You get to the spot but unless your wanted level is completely gone, you can't stop.

Packie says he'll tell Gerry you did good.

$250,000 payment!!!

Achivement - 20g - Full Exploration

Gerry calls now, asking for help with a task. Use the back entrance at his mom's house. Gerry is added as a contact on your list.

Packie calls and wants you to check on Derrick. Derrick is added as a contact too, with a D spot.

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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