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GTA IV Walkthrough
Truck Hustle

You and Ray talk to Phil. Phil wants help and Ray says that you can do the job, whatever it is. The Triads have a big chunk of brown they want to get rid of at any price. They think it's cursed. It's in a truck going to Franklin Street. You say "Mr. Bell, it's going to cost you."

Ray takes off. You get into a car and head towards the alley. You need to go in to the actual arrow spot on foot. It's on an overlook spot. From there you watch a car a van and another car drive into the area. The van backs up to a loading area. The van ends up at the far end of the alley from you.

Shoot away at the guys with a rifle from your hiding spot. There will be a fair number of enemies so don't rush in - stay put until you are sure they are all really gone. Once the gunfire stops, run around collecting loot. There will be a few more as you get closer ot the van itself, but nothing too hard to manage. As you get close, the truck starts to leave - run at top speed to jump onto the back of the truck.

Tap A repeatedly to get up onto the very top of the truck. Use L to move forward and then pull L back when the van corners so you don't fall off. It's like red light - green light. You go forward during straight parts, freeze and hold on during turns.

When you get far enough ahead you automatically jump in and kill the driver. Now it is your vehicle. You call in to Bell. He says it's a wedding present for his nephew Frankie. Take it out to his old mansion.

It's really not that far away if you do the mission in good time - so follow the path along a dirt road out to the house. It's a run down boarded up house. Land on the yellow spot.

Frankie says he has to pack the H into cars that are a little quicker than the van.


You have a little Sanchez motorcycle to ride out. You call Phil and he's happy with the results. He says he has a friend who needs a man like you. You can only get these jobs through a pay phone. These are hit man jobs - "Assassin" jobs.

Phil then calls again and says Jimmy P wants to meet you. His house is in Westdyke. You get a J Pegorino spot. You're warned to wear a suit and tie when you go to meet Jimmy.

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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