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GTA IV Walkthrough
Catch the Wave

He's all upset. He wants to know if you're a friend of Ray's. Apparently Ray is a good earner. You say Ray is a rat. A guy runs out and says there's an emergency down at the docks. Something is three days early. He wants to take you with him.

There's a truck waiting for you. You have to first drive over to the truck to get it. Phil is worried about the car being bugged, and says if he gets caught that he would be killed by his own family. You're taking product off the Russians. You're taking C off teh Russians so it can't go tot he Ancelottis. That will cause trouble between the families.

Once you get to the truck, you have to drive to the docks. Make sure you get INTO the truck with a good weapon selected, so that later on when you get out it automatically has a good weapon ready.

The truck was stolen from the Ancelottis this morning. Go in very slowly, you see a video telling you what is going on. The coke hasn't been unloaded from the speedboats yet. You're told the element of surprise will be crucial. A guy walks over to the truck. You're told to get out of the truck.

Time for a shoot-out. Take out the visible guards from the entryway, then work your way in and left to get a body armor. Dodge around containers and boxes to stay protected while you move. Once you get to the back, there's a pair of boats. You're told to get the one on the left. You get another body armor here. Hop into the boat. You're driving them to docks in North Holland.

You really don't have to follow him. Go ahead and go up front so you can get a head start on taking out the enemies that appear. You'll have a pair of boats, then go under a pair of bridges. That's really the only danger you face. Soon you're over at the docks.

He says you did good.


GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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