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GTA IV Walkthrough

He wants to know if you saw any helicopters. Apparently the Russians told the Ancelottis that you guys were the ones who took the coke. You are going to take out Fat Charlie while he pretends you guys have nothing to do with this. Drive over to the yellow spot.

You can either go in the front, or sneak in the back. He gives you the choice. He takes off. Now your task is to find Chubby Charlie. We go around to the alley north and up into the interior area for an AR. Now go into the basement tunnel. At the second barrel you turn into a broken-out part of the wall. Shoot the guys on the balcony from inside the brick tunnel.

Go very slowly up the stairs, people will snipe at you from all sides. You'll do a set of stairs, then go across a floor, then find another set of stairs.

Chubby says that his chopper pilot is going to take a message straight to the commission, that you will be finished. Go out the window and take out the guys outside. You see Chubby climbing up a ladder to the left. Go into the metal tunnel and over to that ladder. Climb on up. Chubby goes running across the next building over. Once you get onto that building, you get a cut scene.

You see a chopper flying in. He jumps onto the helicopter. He's hanging frmo the rail. You have to shoot it down. Blast it a bunch of times to cause it to smash to the ground. It blows up the entire building.


You call Bell and say the fat man won't be singing.

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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