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GTA IV Walkthrough
To Live and Die in Alderney

Phil says it's not what it looks like. "We talk". He enjoys Angie's company. You tell him you need help. You need to find out something about someone. He yells at you, says you are blackmailing him. You say you're not - that you just need some help. He sort of agrees. You're going to the old house in Westdyke.

Hop into a car and start driving. You're going back to get the H, which Frankie was watching. Make sure you stock up on body armor and weapons.

It's a nice quiet drive to the mansion. Make sure your weapons are all set before you get into the yellow spot. Frankie claims it's a ghost house. You go over to the garage. There are two cars there. Suddenly there are sirens. You hop into one car and Bell gets into the other. Drive on out after him. You have two stars.

Focus on driving safely, following him in and out of alleys. Apparently Frankie just got married and wants to show you pictures of his wife. Phil calls as you get near the end of the run and says you should go out on foot. He'll stop in a side alley. He says to grab the stuff fron the trunk. A cop will drive in - shoot the cops. Now run along the street - another cop comes in from the front, again, take them out.

Another police car comes in and then a SWAT car. A grenade works well for that. Keep under cover and take them out one by one. Once they are all cleared, you're told to go for the van. Aha! A helicopter has you in its sights. You're at 3 stars. Shoot it down and get into the van.

You're told to now get rid of your stars. Poor Frankie is dead. He was the nephew of Phil's ex wife. You are sort of callous about the death. Once you lose the stars, you're told that you're a good earner. Drive on to the marked spot. When you get there you're told it might keep the Pegorino family's head above water.


GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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