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GTA IV Walkthrough

Now Peg is aiming a gun with you, accusing you of being a rat. You claim you are innocent. Apparently Anthony - his bodyguard - was wearing a wire. He said when his son killed himself, Anthony became his son. Peg calls Anthony - and yelling at him, Anthony has a heart attack. Now he's at Leftwood Hospital under guard. Niko's voice is on the tape too.

First, get a car to drive over to the hospital. It's a really short drive. Go in without any weapons showing. The ER is to the right. Walk through quietly. To the right is a locker with doctor's scrubs. Now go towards the ER doors and go left. You get into the room and are told you have one minute.

Anthony apologizes and says he's sorry. Now you have to get out quietly. Walk out until they start yelling, and then run for it. Once you clear your stars, you're all set!


Call him to say Anthony won't be on the witness stand. He says you better not be up there either.

Ray sends you a message saying you two need to go to Peg's house and to protect each other.

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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