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GTA IV Walkthrough
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Peg is having a war council. You hear Phil was talking with Angie. The police are all over the family. He got served papers. Some of their guys are in jail. Maybe Jon Gravelli or Ancelottis are taking action. He knows Phil and Angie are friends. He doesn't trust Ray, but he's a good earner. Ray and Phil hate each other. He's going to think about it.

That's it, you go back outside with no real task to do. As you drive, Pegorino calls you. He says to go visit Ray and give him a message. He's at a sit down on Cod Row.

When you get close you call in. He says he'll get the bodyguards to stop for gas along the way. Follow along behind the two cars. Don't get too close, and drive cautiously. They won't go far - just to a nearby gas station. Go around ahead of them and to the other side so you can have cover by the low stone wall.

Guys might take off in a car but they'll just circle around to come in on another angle. Ray is a different story - he'll actually take off. You have to chase him down before he reaches his chop shop. If he gets there, it's mission over.

If you have a rocket launcher, that's the best way to take care of this one simply.


You tell Peg that the deed is done.

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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