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GTA IV Walkthrough
Uncle Vlad

Roman is upset about Mallorie. He's suspicious about her and Vlad. You admit that you had your suspicions as well. You don't want Roman hurt like this. Despite Roman's hesitations, you two are soon going to go look for Vlad. Roman wants you to think it through.

Vlad is Russian, and is hanging with his Russian buddies. He enjoys calling you a yokel and peasant in front of htem. You tell him to stay away from Mallory. Soon it's a fight.

Your mission is to not let Vlad escape. First use your knife on the two goons. It's quick work. Go out the front of the buildling. Vlad takes off in his car. You have to take Roman's car and go after him. Roman is really against this situation.

Soon Vlad stops and goes into a fenced off area. He brags about Mikhail taking you down if you hurt him. Mikhail Faustin thinks of Vlad as a brother.

Soon Vlad's health circle flashes - this happens when you can execute someone. There's an icky death scene.

"Nobody Fs with my family" says Nico.

Roman is all upset by the killing.

You tell Roman about a mission, back when you were young, to ambush a squad that had killed innocent people. There were 15 boys from the village. One of them betrayed the group; the mission was a setup for money. Out of the 15 kids, 12 died, and only 3 escaped. Nico has been searching for the other 2 to see who the traitor was. One of them lives here.

Nico really wants to know why they betrayed the group.

You hear cop sirens. Roman takes off, and you dump the body into the river.

roman +

5g Fed the Fish achievement

The system now tells you if you call someone it can open up missions.

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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