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GTA IV Walkthrough
Crime and Punishment

You talk with Roman, says to come quick. He's hiding in the dumpster. You tell him he's being paranoid, but Andrei shows up to drag you both in to talk with the boss.

You mouth off a bit and it looks like you're going to be tortured - but Mikhail actually agrees with you and shoots Andrei. You ask them to untie Roman and when they do Roman starts screaming for help. You try to quiet him down, but he won't shut up, so Mikhail shoots him in the stomach to shut him up.

Now you're told to track down a van with TVs while they patch up Roman. First you have to run and find a cop car. Luckily, a cop car shows up a little ways down the street. Wait for the cop to go in and then take it. User LB to use the police computer if you want.

Call in, and talk with Dimitri. He says to go pull over a van in South Broker. You complain that there must be a ton of them. He doesn't care. "Keep pulling vans over." There are three blue arrows on the map now.

No matter what order you do them in, there is nothing in the first one. Now two blue dots remain on the map. The second one of course is empty too. On to the third one.

On the final one, pull him over. You automatically call in before you even talk to the guy. Your pals are not home. The van drivers warn you about Kenny Petrovic's protection money.

Now you have to steal the van. If you have full health it's pretty easy even though they're shooting at you. You have to drive it to the lockup.

+$200 for this, Faustlin likes you

Call Dimitri. ask about Roman. Apparently your cousin is scarred but OK. Mikhail needs you.

Roman calls. he's doing OK.

Now there is a LJ and F pair of icons on the map.

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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