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GTA IV Walkthrough
Roman's Sorrow

You get this mission immediately after having the shoot-out with Dimitri. He whispers to you on the phone that he needs you to come right away.

He's hiding in the trunk of the car. He blames you for the mess you're in. You tell him Bulgarin is here now. Roman says we can find a way out. Lay low, start over. He wants to go back to the apartment. Get into the car there and he hops in with you. Roman calls up Mallory and asks for help.

Roman talks about his dream - marrying Mallory, owning a tavern, having a happy life. He has something in the apartment to show you. Unfortunately the house is on fire. Now you have to go to the depot. Unfortunately it is on fire too. Nothing is left. Now you two go driving to Bohan, to meet up with Mallory. Roman is all upset about how it took him months to get everything set up. You try to tell him you are sorry.

You show up at the new place - it's a new safe house.

Achievement - 5g - lowest point

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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