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GTA IV Walkthrough
A Long Way to Fall

You begin by meeting Ray - one of the Mafia guys - at Drusilla's. He's rather reasonable. His "friend" doesn't respect him now. This friend lives in project on Galveston; his name is Teddy Benavidas. Ray will pay double. You mess up - bad things are gonna happen.

Once you get to the spot, the guy in white and light blue in the center is your stoolie. The "72" shirt. As you get near him, he starts talking. He is Alonzo. He won't talk, so hold a gun at his head. He says apartment 151K. You really should kill him - if you let him go, he's going to call up and warn Teddy. Take the elevator up to the 20th floor to at least get you started (far less boring than running up 20 flights).

The setup is a circle. Be sure to look both ways for enemies. Generally doors lead into small hallways with locked doors. This is a good place to take cover. Grenades work very well. There's a guy on the landing, and work your way up. There's a health kit further up too - but really, we didn't need it. If you use cover and go slowly, you really shouldn't be hit much. Just about everybody has sub machine guns, so you get a lot of ammo for that. All the distances are short so you don't need the assault rifle. Another health kit at the end of this level, at the stairs.

From here you can see the arrow in front of the door. Be sure to watch for the bad guy around the corner to the right. He's the only one on the floor. Head into the apartment.

There's a trio of bad guys right in the main door. Go all the way to the kitchen (with a health kit) and as you return he takes off out of the other door and runs out the apartment door. You have to chase him up the stairs towards the roof. There's one guy on the next stairs set. You come out on the roof. There's a guy down to the right. Teddy is around a corner. You tell him about owing Ray Boccino a lot of money. He says they're too old.

Walk up to him and press B - you push him off the roof.


You call Ray. He's awfully sensitive about talking about hits on the cell phone.

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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