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GTA IV Walkthrough

Ray is having a talk with Phil. Either you ripped him off or Luca and his buddies have ripped them both off. Luca hangs out in Castle Gardens. Go see hm, go get my stuff back.

You have a spot marked, head on over there. They're all boasting about being their own bosses. They claim it's you who stole them. They take off in their car. You jump into a nearby car as the cut scene so you don't need a car. Don't shoot them - just follow them for a while. Luckily you have a nice sportscar.

Eventually they pull into the park and you see a video of them flipping the car and crashing. They all climb out. Go after them on foot. There's only three of them so compared with past missions this is relatively easy. One is right in front of you. The other two go down into an underground arched area. Take them out with timed shots around the corner. Now Luca is hiding in the toilets. Go into the area on the right. It's pretty dingy!

Go to the fourth door on the left. Shoot the door - He wants you to join him. Kill him.

You call up Ray and let him know. He's upset that they are dead. You want to meet him at the bridge. Drive on over. He says thanks, grabs the diamonds and leave.


He he he when we did it there was a cop car right behind him that didn't mind the exchange at all.

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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