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GTA IV Walkthrough
Museum Piece

Ray is upset with you. "Where have you been" What? We came right over here from the last mission! He is all paranoid and needs you to offload it for you. You need help finding someone. You walk out. He stops you - and you draw the line. He gives you his word that you'll find Florian Cravic. He laughs - it seems that he knows him.

Your task is to drop off the diamonds, transfer money and check in. So first you meet Johnny at the Libertonian. Drive on over to the marked spot. Get some body armor along the way.

You meet one of the Lost and walk on in. You two meet up with four Jewish men. They show you unmarked bills. You hand over the diamonds. They love them. "These are great".

Unfortunately a third party shows up and starts shooting. There are alarms going off in the museum and priceless artifacts are being destroyed. Take cover and work your way carefully through shooting them down one by one. This is going to be a long, slow mission so settle yourself into the rhythm.

There are big dinosaur skeletons in here! You can get body armor at the desk by the tail end of the triceratops. Go through the door at the opposite end of the hall, again being careful as you take out guys. There's a first aid kit by the door. Take out the few guys outside and go out to one of their cars. You'll have two guys chasing you.

We got them jammed up with our exploding car-bomb and then just ran on foot. Once we had gotten out of their radius, all we had to do is lose the star.


20g - Impossible Trinity

You tell Ray that Johnny took the cash.

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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