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GTA IV Walkthrough
No Way on the Subway

You guys need the money back, and to deal with the bikers who are stirring up trouble. The bosses need to be paid. Phil is mouthing off with Ray.

Go to the Lost hangout, marked on the map. The bikers taunt you that you can't keep up with them. You have to hop on the motorcycle that's there.

This is another "practice your motorcycle riding skills". They jump down onto the subway train tracks - do a "turn" as you jump because they are going to go beneath you - under the road - for their route.

You can use X to change your headlights as necessary. You pass a train along the way. There are a few long straightaway parts where you can get off some shots. Soon you should be down ton one guy left, heading over the Algonquin bridge. You call out "Oh no - your buddy's dead!" once you take one of them out.

At one point he dodges left to go along the passenger walkway. You're back on the main streets now. Take out the second one.

It's around $6500 - I literally miss the number every time we've done this mission :)

You tell Ray that Johnny's still missing and he says not to worry about it.

You get a call from Ray who says he has a friend for you to talk with. This goes right into Weekend at Florian's.

NOTE: If instead you take a left and then a left when you begin the chase, you're waiting right at the intersection they appear at when the chase begins. It gives you a little edge.

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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