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GTA IV Walkthrough
Weekend at Florian's

When you finish Ray's Subway mission, you immediately get sent into this one. Ray says he knows where Florian is - that a friend, Talbot Daniels, will give you the details. You drive along to get Roman so you two can go in together. He tries to get you to let the hate go.

You find him looking at a set of portraits. You walk up and ask him about Florian Cravic. He claims he doesn't know Florian. Roman tells you to beat him up. Talbot immediately starts talking. Now you need to get a four door car and drive with all three of you.

Talbot gives you comments at each intersection about going straight or left or right. You have to drive fairly slowly because of his last minute orders. Soon you get there, at a marked yellow spot.

You tell him to get lost.

Roman tells you to be calm. You kick in the door. A guy is hiding behind the bed. It is Florian. He seems very effeminate. He claims it wasn't him. He has changed his name to Bernie Crane. He's a lifestyle coach and teaches aerobics. He's in love with the deputy mayor. Bryce Dawkins.

You ask about Darko but he doesn't know where he is. "I will find out where Darko Brevic is" wherever that might be. You tell Roman you need to be alone.

Roman +

Talk to Ray - he says he did what he could.

Bernie calls and asks you to come visit him soon. You get Bernie as a contact.

The UL guy calls and says he'll get in touch with some real news.

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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