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GTA IV Walkthrough
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Ray is really upset. Isaac was on the phone with him and won't give up the diamonds. You have to go shut Isaac up - he's threatening to have Ray killed. He's at the Majestic with some of his cronies.

They're up in the penthouse suite. Press LB to call the elevator. As you exit the elevator, they tell you not to get out. Once you get up you can't go back down, so shoot it out with them.

Work your way along carefully until you get to the suite. Stay in the doorway and shoot in at them.

Finally you get in to the kitchen, to a Jewish man who calls you a schmuck while asking you not to kill him. He says Isaac's life should be enough to pay the debt. There's a health kit in the kitchen.

We let him live.

Another guy is upstairs with a girl, who he lets flee. Shoot in at him.

Now you're on the roof with a glass window. Use the assault rifle to take him out. Now you have to escape from the hotel.

Take the elevator down to the main floor. You have two stars. If you just run cross-country you get away enough to end the mission.


You chat with Ray and he says he still wants the diamonds. Johnny ran off with the money.

NOTE: Another way in is to go out of the hotel, left, left around back and there's a window washing rig with ropes back there. Get onto it and use L to move the platform up. When you get to the top, you're at one end of a U and the guy you need to kill is a tthe other end of the U. Lob a grenade in a tthe patio grill to clear out the guys. There's body armor up here so you are fully set and healthy before you go through the rest of the level.

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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