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GTA IV Walkthrough
Undertaker / McReary Funeral

Somewhere along the line after you kill either Derreck or Francis McReary, you get invited to the funeral. You get a call first from one of the other brothers, then from Kate. You're told to wear a suite. You're also told that Gerry is in jail but not to worry about it.

Make sure you're fully armed and armored for the funeral!

You get to hear the sermon and sit down. Just as you do, it's time to get up. You go out onto the steps of the church and talk to Kate. You see a car come by with gunners in it. They are Albanian Hoods. You and Packie take them on. Another car comes driving in. Take cover behind a car and pick them off one by one.

Yet a third car comes in from the right. Again, just stay behind your car. Now andother few come from the alley to the right of the green-awning laundromat.

Gather up the ammo and then get into the hearse. You're taking Derrick (or whatever corpse) to a cemetery. If you get shot up the casket starts sliding around in the back. Luckily it appears to be tied down rather well. Unfortunately the lid comes off. Really this is a "damage indicator" more than something you can fix or unfix by moving the car around.

Don't you think Francis should be able to get the cops off your butt at least during his brother's funeral? If you really do lose the casket (i.e. get overly damaged) you have to restart.

If you go straight for the cemetery and shoot out any attackers, the key is to avoid any collisions as much as humanly possible to minimize car damage.

You guys talk about how addicted Derrick was. Drive over to the yellow spot. You have a scene by the gravestone. Kate thanks you. She wants you to call her sometime.

Mission over - but no payment :)

Gerry calls after the mission is over. He wants you to go talk with him.

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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