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GTA IV Walkthrough
Roman's Wedding

On the day of the wedding, get a nice suit on, and nice shoes of course, then hop in a car and drive on over to Kate's house. Once you've got her, you head along to the church. She jokes about firing guns in the air, and you promise there will be no gunfire today. She reminds you that this is the church that had the funeral at it - and you know how that turned out. She talks about how the right person can make you happy just as the wrong person can make you unhappy.

You say that you are thinking about having a better path in the future, that you are not being haunted by the past as much now. You are ready to try to be good. Kate asks if the men you've been dealing with will let you do that, and you say that you will try. You say you'll look after Kate, to protect her.

You pull into the spot. Roman is waiting for you, and in you go. The priests pronounces them husband and wife. They are all happy and head on down the aisles. Everybody is cheering. You are happy, standing with Kate. A dark sedan pulls up, Peg shows up and blasts away killing Kate. Roman is alive. Niko is all upset that he caused her death.

Niko wakes up all upset. He feels guilty about Kate's death. You get a message from Jacob saying he will help you get revenge.

If you had taken the money on the previous mission, which is what Roman wanted you to do, then Roman would have been slain at the wedding, and Kate would have survived. However, Kate would despise you for having betrayed your vows and refuses to see you. She isn't at the wedding.

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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