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GTA IV Walkthrough
Out of Commission

This is the Kate-dead path, where you and Roman and Little Jacob are going after Peg. In essence it's the same mission as the Roman-dead mission, with minor conversation changes.

First you have to drive over to the blue spot, to pick them up. They are in a car, so you hop in to drive. You ask Roman to get out, that it is too dangerous. he says he is going to help. You see two guys get into a SUV - they spot you and try to escape.

You have to chase them but not lose them. You hear that the whole city wants Pegorino dead now. Roman starts getting queasy - he doesn't want to die now, he has a wife. When the SUV goes over to the other side of the highway, just keep going straight - you'll get a chance to follow him later on. Several chances, in fact :)

Eventually he gets off a left hand exit (on ramp). Follow him down some side streets. He keeps working his way northwards, and gets onto a curving dirt road. As you go down towards a beach house, you cut to a video. The car is immediately under attack. You ask the other two to stay back. You tell Jacob to keep Roman alive. This is an old casino.

So you're solo from here in. Hide behind the car and get as many head shots as you can from safety. Once you have cleared out everything you can, run forward to the next cover point and take out guys from there. When the outer area is clear, Jacob texts you that he has an escape plan for you.

Now it's time to move inside. Go through the doorway to a new group of enemies. Stay in the doorway, shooting from there. There's a health kit against a wall. As you get near the stairs, you get a video with Peg. He says it's your own fault. Jimmy makes a run for it, saying you like killing too much. There are a few more guys on the roof - and then another group down on the ground below. You call out challenges as you move. A car drives in with more enemies, shoot them down.

As you get near the docks, he takes off on a boat. You have to hop on a motorcycle and chase along the coastline, staying near him. You have to drive relatively cautiously - if you try to blast full out you're likely to spin your wheels in the sand. Avoid the water, which also slows you down. You yell out that Kate hasn't done anything to him to deserve being killed. Jacob and Roman are in a copter and are following along behind the boat. You have to make a special jump that is clearly marked out for you, to launch yourself at the boat. Note that there's a pigeon under the jump. Watch out for the barrel near the jump path that you need to dodge. The key here is to go steady and cautious, not wild-on riding. Any sort of jump will succeed. Pound the A button to get in.

Now it's betewen you shooting him with machine guns and him blasting you with rocket launchers. You both end up "nearly dead" - you have to make a sort of crash landing. You tell tehm to wait here. Now you chase him down on foot at the Statue of Happiness. You have to shoot down enemies as you go. It's relatively easy to kill him once you get to him. Peg insists that he gives the orders here. Peg says he wanted to kill you, not her. You tell Peg that the Commission thought Peg was a joke. Then you kill him.

Roman says "you did it!" You say "What did I do ..." you're not really enthusiastic. Roman thinks youv'e won - but you look rather unhappy.

The credits roll. You get $250,000.

Roman callas and asks how you are. He says not to blame yourself for Kate's death. Mallorie is pregnant, they'll name the child Kate if it's a girl.

There's a shirt up at the base of the statue, it says "Happiness is ..." with "land" on the back.

Packie calls, all upset about Katie being killed.

If this is the Roman-death path, then at the point where you see Peg, you actually see Dimitri *kill* Peg, and then you chase Dimitri up over the top of the roof and when you clear the top, he takes off in his helicopter and you jump and grab its rail. You fall in the water and chase him with the boat while avoiding his missiles. It's challenging to catch him, he follows the same route Peg follows in the above mission. As you chase him, Jacob comes around in the helicopter and you have to catch Jacob. Once in the copter, he's still in his helicopter and you're now in a helicopter chase. Eventually Jacob shoots him with missiles, you both land by the Statue of Happpiness and you have a few goons to kill before you kill him.

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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