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GTA IV Walkthrough
Wrong is Right

Michelle says she's sorry. She takes you in to meet someone. She says you and Roman should get out of crime. Her real name is Karen. You go into office 396

A guy in there wants you to find out about Oleg Minkov. Oleg lives on Iroquois. If you don't behave they will turn you over to the FIB (yes they say FIB instead of FBI). Your contact here won't give you his name.

You get a new phone contact - UL Paper

Drive along to the marked spot - a house in a row of houses. You knock on the door. Then you kick it in. There's a laptop computer, and a reasonably nice home.

You call in to the guy. You have to check his email - use LB to use the laptop. There are 3 messages in his system. One from Vasily; it says to go to a jewelry shop. There's a Konstantin message which talks about tracing companies. Finally, Larry Ligner talks about shutting down book publishing.

Call back about the Hove Beach meeting. He says you have to go kill Minkov.

It's a very quick drive. You see another car pull up in front of you. He takes off almost immediately in his car. It's a relatively fast car so you have to drive well to keep up with him. He goes up over the bridge. If you're having trouble with the chase, you can get a great car in Mikhail's driveway.

You are paid $6500 when you chase him down. You call it in.

"Minkov is dead - the country is safe."

Playboy x calls - he needs you. You ask about his plans - apparently Yusuf Amir wants to turn the construction site into a shrine to union workers.

GTA IV Walkthrough

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GTAIV Walkthrough

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